We are looking for your support to change the lives of the vulnerable women at Ella’s Home for the better.

We are asking for either a significant one-off gift to enable Ella’s Home to get setup in the coming months, or become a monthly donor to sustain the running of Ella’s Home.


One-off donation

A one-off donation will provide for the life transformation of survivors of trafficking:

£8000 to cover the set-up costs for a welcoming and restorative home, providing safety to and support to women.

£3000 to provide one month’s accommodation giving the women the time they need to start their recovery.

£400 donation to provide all the women living in the home with food for a month.

Monthly Gift

A regular gift will ensure the ongoing protection for the women of Ella’s Home. There are already generous people supporting Ella’s Home with monthly gift starting from £10 per month.

A sustained income will ensure the continued safety of the women, enabling their recovery to freedom.

Any gift you gift will go to supporting women like Ella. Please click below to donate and change the life of a vulnerable woman today.