Ella's works with women exiting situations of trafficking and exploitation.

We have a lovely welcoming home for women recovering from trafficking and sexual exploitation where women can live until they are ready for independent living. 

We offer outreach support to women across London and beyond as they work past their previous experience. We offer long term support and bespoke support to fit each individual.

Who is Ella?

Ella is a girl who has been sexually exploited since she was a teenager. When she arrived in London she was further exploited in a brothel and used by wealthy clients, and she soon became seriously ill. Tragically, the support she desperately needed at that time was not available to her. Ella was extremely vulnerable, and yet she had no access to a safe place to stay. Ella's Home is named after her.


A regular gift will ensure the ongoing protection for the women of Ella’s Home. We're so grateful to the generous people supporting Ella’s Home with a monthly gift starting from £10 per month.

A sustained income will ensure the continued safety of the women, enabling their recovery to freedom.